Cheers and Changes

Welcome back, Messiah Commuters!

So excited to see you all again for a new school year and I already have lots of announcements. 🙂


Please note that nuts are NOT allowed in the lounge this year as a student has a severe allergy to nuts of ANY kind. Screen-Shot-2018-01-27-at-3.00.38-PM







Make sure you email if you want a locker for this coming school year. Either I (Cate Cutting) or Sheryl Scaramuzzino will get back to you with your assignments.


Commuter Fun Night

thumbnailCopy of Commuter Fun Night


Self Defense Classes

Officer Liz Williams with the Dept. of Safety is going to be holding S.A.F.E. training at the Connection in Fry Residence room A3, these are self defense classes for all female students.

These will be Tuesday the 11th, 18th, and 25th,  from 7-9pm


Drop/Add/Withdraw Dates



Time for a Chapel Series!




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