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Parking for 2018-2019 School Year

Online parking registration begins April 26 and concludes on May 15. Each student will be assigned a time slot based on class year, number of credit hours presently enrolled in plus credit hours previously accrued, and current class schedule. The earlier your time slot in the registration process the larger the selection of lots you will have. This applies for commuter students with a larger amount of credit hours who hope to park by Jordan and Kline. Early registration is $50/year.

Commuter Parking 2018-2019 Academic Year


All Messiah College undergraduate commuter students parking on campus during the 2018-2019 academic year are required to purchase a commuter parking permit and park in the lot designated by their permit.


When is online registration?

Registration takes place between April 26 and May 15.  To receive the early registration price of $50/year you must register prior to May 15.

How is my timeslot calculated and when is it available?

Timeslots are allocated based on your class year, number of credit hours presently enrolled in plus credit hours previously accrued. Your online parking registration timeslot is available now.

Which permits are commuter students eligible to purchase?

Subject to availability, commuter students are eligible to purchase either a P1 parking permit or a P parking permit.

I was a resident student this year but am going to be a commuter next year and I do not see P or P1 as a registration option.

Email, call or go to Falcon Exchange immediately for registration assistance.

Is the P1 permit the same as the P permit?

No.  They are separate permits and are not interchangeable.  See chart below.

Can the P1 permit holders park anywhere in the WW lot?

No.  They may only park in the spots specially designated as Commuter parking. (You will see these spaces in the first row closest to the Commuter lounge.)

Can the P1 permit holders park anywhere in the J lot?

Commuters may park in almost all of the spaces in the J lot.  You may not park in the few spaces labeled as handicapped, service or resident.



Messiah College is Hiring! 

The Campus Events Department is hiring for the summer. Messiah College has an extensive conference and sports camp during the summer months. We are looking to fill positions in support of these programs. The jobs are 40 hours a week for 14 weeks during the 16 week summer (you are given two weeks of unpaid tem off). Room and Board are provided at a very minimal payment by you. However, I am sure that a deal can be made for commuting students that would allow you to be off campus and work (saving you even MORE money!) Visit here if you are interested in being any of the following:

Dorm Worker

Res hall Crew Leader

Shift 1 Campus Events worker

Shift 2 Campus Events Worker

Shift 2 Campus Events Crew Leader (Must have prior experience)

Calling All Commuters! Win a free dinner at Lottie!

Lottie Nelson Dining Hall is conducting research to learn more about commuter student opinions about eating meals in the dining hall. Please answer the following questions, truthfully and to the best of your ability. By completing this survey you will be entered for a chance to win a “one free meal” card that can be used at Lottie Nelson.

Follow this link to complete the survey today!


**Please Complete by April 18, 2018


Volleyball Tournament

Messiah Field Hockey is hosting their 3rd annual volleyball tournament on Friday, april 27! Your team can wear a costume if they would like and the team with the best costume will win a prize! the tournament will take place in Sawyer and Brubaker Gyms from 7-10 pm. The cost is $50/team. Each co-ed team must have 6 players, including a minimum of 3 females and a maximum of 2 NCAA volleyball players. Winners of the tournament will receive a prize!! All proceeds will go towards the future global missions for the Messiah Field Hockey program! Registration deadline is Wednesday, April 25.

What: Volleyball Tournament

When: Friday, April 27 from 7-10pm

Where: Sawyer and Brubaker Gyms



Pizza with the Prez! *Free Food Friday*

Pizza with the Prez

May 4 @12:30 pm

Free pizza lunch with President Phipps for Commuters! #bethereorbesquare






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Is He Dead

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