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SGA Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate Voting is Going On NOW!

Debates have happened, campaigning is over, and now it is time for you―the students―to choose! Below is a link for voting for the 2018-2019 SGA President and Vice President. Each student will only get one vote, and voting lasts until 9 p.m. on Friday, March 2. Good luck to all candidates!

Happy voting!

This is the link to vote for the 2018-2019 SGA President and Vice President.

2018-19 SGA President/VP Election Ballot: (this link is also posted on the SGA website).


Career and Professional Development Opportunity

Into the City Mini Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe- March 6th, 2:00-7:00

Free networking event with alumni employees!

Click here for more information!


Free Food Fridays

We are making it a point to have a day where commuters can get together for some food and discuss future programmed events. Join us in the lounge on these dates:

March 9 @12:30

April 6 @12:30

May 4 @12:30 *Pizza with the Prez, K Phipps as a special guest in the lounge

Commuter Game night!

Write it on your calendar to head to the Commuter Lounge for some fun, food, and games! It will be free to come but we encourage bringing snacks.

March 23rd @ 6:00pm. Try and make it, more announcements will be made as we have our Free Food Fridays (mentioned above).


Join us for coffeehouse this Sunday at 8:00pm. It will be a blast seeing all of the talented individuals we know and love. Come on out and support the campus talent.


March Commuter of the Month


Name: Andrew Douglass

Year: Junior

I commute from: Dillsburg

Favorite thing to do on campus: work in the library and go to Math Club

One thing I love about commuting: The money I save

Fun face about myself: I am a transfer student. I moved to PA recently and live very close to the school.


Rec Sports will be starting Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee and Softball on March 26th!

If you would like to REGISTER OR JOIN a team, please, follow the instructions listed below.

All teams and players must be registered by Thursday, March 8th. To participate in Rec. Sports this season EVERYONE (Captains & Players) MUST create an imleagues account.

To Create an Account:

1. Go to

2. Click “Create Account” in the Top-Right corner.

3. Fill out the Required Information using your Messiah email address. Finish the Account Setup by following the directions in the Confirmation Email.

4. Log-in to your imleagues account.

5. Click “Create or Join a Team.”

6. Select the Sport AND League in which you would like to play.

7. Click the green “Register/ Signup” box.

8. Choose the appropriate option. Team Captains choose: “Create Team”

To join an existing team choose: “Join Team”

To be added to the league if you don’t have a team choose: “Free Agent”

NOTE: Captain’s must create the team FIRST. Once the team is created then all of the players on the roster can join your team.

9. Read and fill out ALL of the required information. This is VERY important.

10. Finish and submit.

For more information on How to Register visit:



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