Back in the Saddle

Howdy Folks!

I hope that your first few weeks of Spring Semester have been going well.

Clean Your Dishes

Just as a reminder, the Frey Commuter Lounge is our home on campus and shared by hundreds that use the space daily. It is important that we take pride in the space we have been given and respect those who come before and after us. Thus, we need to remember to clean used dishes and to wipe off the white boards. Please remember to wash off the white boards. Please remember to wash all dishes that you use and to erase anything you write on the white board walls. We appreciate you taking the time to do this and for keeping our lounge tidy.

Commuter Chapel

Commuter students carrying at leaImage result for hostetter chapelst 12 credits are required to attend seven chapels per semester. Petitions for exemption to the requirement may by made via Self-Service Banner (under the Student Tab) through March 5, 2018. See exemption parameters below. Valid reasons for exemption include:

-academic internship/field placement/practicum that conflicts with the chapel times

-off campus work equaling 25 or more hours per week (on campus jobs do not apply. Supervisors are to arrange your schedules to accommodate the chapel requirement.)

-ongoing medical issues/emergencies *must include a doctor’s prescription/note, and extent of exemption will be assessed on case by case basis

-parental obligations

Homecoming Committee

Save the date for Homecoming 2018, which will take place October 19-20, 2018! If you love Messiah and want the opportunity to plan one of the 65+ events that take place during Homecoming, then consider joining the 2018 Homecoming Committee! If you are interested, please contact and apply there by March 3rd.

New Food!


Humanities Symposium Dance Concert

GiVim is proud to present “Uprooted: Inner Experiences of Exile” as part of this year’s Humanities Symposium. Performances are Friday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 8:00pm in Poorman Black Box Theater. Admission is free but you must reserve tickets. GetFileAttachment

Student Handbook – Your responsibility to keep updated!

The Student Handbook provides information on various policies, residence life and housing, student involvement opportunities and critical information on safety and crisis procedures. It is available on line here: Changes can and do occur throughout the year and students are responsible to adhere to the most recent update of campus policies. Students will be notified when there are any significant changes through a mass email.





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