Trick Or Treat!

Fall at Messiah is very exciting, make sure you come dressed in costume for your classes tomorrow! :)

Lost Films

Baby DriverThis week’s Lost Film is Baby Driver. Come out and see it! It was such a fun, eclectic, quirky film about what makes “good people” and “bad people”. Definitely a winner in this girl’s book!


Mark your calendars for November 11 @ 6:00 to watch The Big Sick in Parmer Cinema as a commuter group and then head back to the lounge for an ice cream social! #sopumped #writeitdown #RIGHTNOW

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Carmel apples, pumpkin carving, photo booth, pie eating contest and much more! Come

join SAB kick off fall with the annual Fall Fest, on Saturday, October 28th! Bring your friends and your flannel to the Union between 2-5 p. for plenty of fall activities. You might be able to: win a fifty dollar gift card to Amazon, participate in a Pie-Eating Contest, play lawn games and vote for Homecoming Court.

playSummer and Smoke

Ushers are needed for performances of “Summer and Smoke” which debuts on Thursday, November 9th in Miller Theater and will run for two weekends. Students who volunteer to usher will also get to see the show for free! Sign-up sheet is available on the for each performance, and they will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Show dates and times are:

November 9-11 and November 16-18 @ 8:00 pm

November 12 and 19 @3:00 pm

Introducing, the brand new Commuter Council!

Ellen Head Shot

Ellen Diehl

First-year, Musical Theatre, Carlisle

  1. Band you could not live without: “Not a band, but I love me some Billy Joel”
  2. Favorite on-campus activity: Eating. Always eating.
  3. Favorite food: Speaking of which, pasta is my favorite!




Jordan Dietrthrich Head ShotJordan Diethrich

Freshman, nursing, commute from Dillsburg (right up across Starry Field).

  1. Band you couldn’t live without: I could not live without Mutemath, their crazy rhythms and melodies are fantastic.

2. Favorite on-campus activityCoffee House in my favorite on campus activity. It’s such an encouraging environment and so much fun.

3. Favorite food: Spaghetti Pie. It’s like lasagna, but instead of normal noodles, it’s spaghetti and it has sausage. It changed my outlook on food.


Daniel Diethrich Head ShotDaniel Diethrich

Junior, music and math double major, commuting from dillsburg

  1. Band you couldn’t live without: Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath
  2. Favoite on-campus activity: Powerhouse
  3. Favorite Food: Pizza







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