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The trees’ colours are changing from green to gold, the air is crisp an prime for delicate drizzles, and familiar sweatshirts are now toward the front of your closet. Fall has arrived folks, and I’m excited. For me, this means Pumpkin-spiced everything, binging Sherlock episodes, and my world smelling like gingersnap cookies. If you need me, make sure you bring some. I encourage you to seize everyday as a new adventure, and challenges as opportunities for you to be a rock star.


Let’s talk about Chapel.

Everyone would have received this in our email: Beginning of semester email (Commuters)

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Chapel is not optional, it is mandatory, and should not be taken lightly. As commuters, we were granted grace to only attend 7 chapels per semester as opposed to the 14 that residential students must attend. If there is a conflict (work, internship, family complication, etc.) please notify College Ministries by filing a chapel attendance petition which can be found on your student self-service menu. College Ministries will then notify you whether or not they have accepted your request.


We are still loving our new lounge, thank you to those who signed the “Thank you cards” for President Phipps, Kathie Shafer, and the Frey family. Their hard work deserved notice, and it was important to me that we showed our appreciation. If you have not seen the new lounge, PLEASE VISIT US. It is wonderful, magical, and dreams come true there.

However, please notice that the new signs in the Lounge about the new wall installation of the small conference room that is being designed. This is the space with the white board and television around a table. Its original intent was to be a study space/cubicle area similar to those in the Murray Library. The wall installation will be occurring October 5.


Free food. Música Latina. Dancing.


Can’t dance? Figure it out by Friday…

jk, come @ 8 on Friday night and we’ll teach you!!



Looking forward to another great year of MC REC SPORTS!


Rec. Sports will be starting 5v5 Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Co-ed Outdoor Sand Volleyball leagues the week of September 25th. All teams and players must be registered by Saturday, September 16th!

If you would like to REGISTER or JOIN a team, please, follow the instructions listed below. To participate in Rec. Sports this season EVERYONE (Captains & Players) MUST create an IMLeagues account.

To Create an Account.

1. Go to

2. Click “Create Account” in the Top-Right corner.

3. Fill out the required Information using your Messiah email address. Finish the Account Setup by following the directions in the Confirmation Email.

4. Log-in to your IMLeagues account.

5. Click “Create or Join a Team.”

6. Select the Sport AND League in which you would like to play.

7. Click the green “Register/ Signup” box.

8. Choose the appropriate option.

Team Captains choose: “Create Team” To join an existing team choose: “Join Team” To be added to the league if you don’t have a team choose: “Free Agent” NOTE: Captain’s must create the team FIRST. Once the team is created then all of the players on the roster can join your team.

9. Read and fill out ALL of the required information. This is VERY important.

10. Finish and submit.

For more information on How to Register visit:


SAB Lost Films for the weekend:



Have a great week, guys!

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