Welcome Back Folks

Commuter Lounge Ribbon Cutting

Commuter Invitation Postcard 2017

Hey Messiah College Commuters! After relentless work this summer, the much anticipated NEW Commuter Lounge is finally finished! Bright, spacious, and unique to our needs, our new lounge on the lower level of Mountain View is incomparable to our original hovel in Hoffman. You should have received an invitation in the mail just like the one to the right. Please join us August 31st at 5:15 as President Kim Phipps dedicates the space with a ribbon-cutting!

The New Kid


Hi! My name is Cate Cutting and I am the new Commuter Liaison. For the past few years this was a role carried by Justin Stimpson, who had worked so hard as the bridge between college administration and the needs of the commuter student body. He did a wonderful job, and I hope to continue his legacy as we open the new lounge he and I worked so hard to initiate!

About Me

I’m a sophomore commuter who is double majoring in Dance and Social Work.

I also work as the work-study in the Student Involvement and Leadership Program Office.

My other part-time jobs include teaching dance at Reverence Studios and being an in-home hairdresser. I have done both of these for two years.

I can be easily persuaded by chocolate and/or British TV shows.

If you should ever need me, my email is commuterservices@messiah.edu.

New Students

For all of the new students reading the Commuter Connection, welcome to Messiah College! We are so excited to have you join our community, especially at a time when opportunities for us are so flourishing! I am excited to meet all of you and hope you decide to attend the Welcome Week activities that Julie Cline (Assistant Director of the Student Involvement and Leadership Programs who oversees Commuter Services) has put in place for you specifically. It was a memorable and invaluable experience for me and I encourage you to take advantage of it. Commuters are allowed to have fun too. 

New Year Checklist

  • Books are ordered and received
  • Your account Financial Aid needs are met
  • Your class schedule is printed and reviewed
  • On your calendar you have the Commuter Lounge Opening!

So. Everybody. Let’s do this thing!