Happy March!

2017 Student Body President!

Good Morning!!!

We, the Student Government Association, have some exciting news to announce.

The 2017-2018 Student Body President & Student Body Vice President Campaigns begin this week. As we have received one pair of applicants for the positions, there will be an uncontested campaign this year. Accordingly, your next Student Body President and Vice President are as follows:

Student Body President: Jamie-Claire Chau
Student Body Vice President: Megan Eaton

Their official campaign will run from February 27th-March 7th. We encourage you, the student body, to reach out to Jamie-Claire and Megan with any questions, concerns, and hopes you have for the coming academic year. Get to know your new Student Body President- and Vice President-elect!

There will be an opportunity on March 7th to hear from Jamie-Claire and Megan on their vision for the coming year. Stay tuned for more information!


RISE Retreat

Are you interested in working with Immigrants and Refugees? Do you love empowering and encouraging students? Then help with the Refugee & Immigrant Services for Empowerment (RISE) Retreat!

On Saturday, April 1st, 50 middle school students coming from refugee and immigrant backgrounds through the Lincoln Intermediate Unit will be coming to Messiah College to be exposed to higher education and to be empowered to pursue further education.

In what ways can you help? Help as a translator, be a guide for students throughout the day, answer student’s questions about college life, help as a photographer for the event…There are so many more ways you can help!

What you need to do if interested:

Email –> risecoordinator@messiah.edu for more information
Print and Deliver your Criminal Background Check & Child Abuse forms to the Agape Center

Kristen Longsderff
RISE Coordinator
Agape Center, Messiah College
717-796-1800 ext. 5097

Summer and Fall Registration Information

Summer and Fall 2017 registration is fast approaching! Registration information will be available beginning Wednesday, March 22 (MCSquare, Academic Life Tab, Registrar Channel). Please be in contact with your academic advisor to schedule an appointment. Academic advising begins Monday, March 27. You will be receiving a postcard via campus mail with more registration information.

IMPORTANT: The Registration Request worksheet will not be delivered to your campus mail box. This worksheet can be accessed on MCSquare, Academic Life Tab, Registrar Channel. We will be mailing a limited amount of hard copies of the form to the academic departments for your advisors.

Questions can be emailed to registrar@messiah.edu or call ext. 6074.


SNAC National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month 2017

March is National Nutrition Month!

Join SNAC (Student Nutrition Awareness Club) for various events throughout the month of March, including our Kick-Off Event, Special Lottie Lunches, and a Discussion Night hosted by our Campus Nutritionist, Nicole Benner!

Celebrate with us and, “Put Your Best Fork Forward” with these upcoming events:

March 2nd: Kick-Off Event – “Grab-and-Go Quiche Cups” – Free for all students outside of the Campus Store after Chapel from 10:30-11:15 am
March 7th: Special Lottie Lunch – Roasted Vegetable Whole Wheat Pizza
March 21st: Special Lottie Lunch – Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps
March 23rd: Discussion Night with Campus Nutritionist, Nicole Benner, from 7:00-8:00 pm in Kline 120
March 28th: Special Lottie Lunch – Smoke Turkey and Pesto Panini

Like us on Facebook at: “SNAC – Student Nutrition Awareness Club” for updates, upcoming events, and more!

Any questions can be directed to SNAC’s National Nutrition Month Coordinator, Ella Gutman, at eg1228@messiah.edu. Please see the attached poster as well for more information.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

New ID Cards

Falcon Exchange is pleased to introduce a newly updated ID card for Messiah College students.  The new ID card features additional NFC technological capabilities not present in the current ID card.  Your present ID card will continue to function as it always has and you may continue to use it until you need a card replacement or you make the choice to change to the new ID card.

The new ID cards operate with Near Field Communication, NFC.  NFC is a form of contactless communication between devices.  This technology allows a user to wave their card near a reader device to send information without needing to touch the device with their card.

You may begin to use the new ID cards to record attendance at chapel as well as to gain entrance to most of the residence halls.  Sollenberger Residence is scheduled to receive the new door reader devices over Spring Break.  Witmer Residence and Naugle Residence are scheduled to receive the new door reader devices over the Summer Break.  Over time, you will notice additional reader devices installed in different capacities on campus for your convenience.


1.       Do I have to change to the new ID card?  No.  The choice is yours.  You may continue to use the card you currently have as long as it is functioning properly.

2.       If I do want to change to the new ID card what should I do?  You should bring your current ID card to the Falcon Exchange and ask to exchange it for a new ID card.

3.       Is there a cost for the new ID card?  The standard ID card replacement fee schedule applies.  The fees are posted in white at the Falcon Exchange window.

4.       Do I have to take a new photo ID if I change to the new card?  No.  If we have your current photo on file you may use that one.

5.       How do I use my new ID card?  You simply wave your new ID card near a reader device.  You can opt to swipe in instead of wave the card if you need to.

6.       Do I have to make the decision to change right now?  No.  As long as you are a currently registered student you can change at any time.

7.       Is it okay if I tap my card on the device?  You can tap your card on the reader device but will most likely find you do not need to actually make contact with the device for your card to be recognized.

8.       Why does my new ID card have a Magnetic Stripe on the back if I have a chip in it?  You will need your mag stripe to swipe your card at locations that do not have a reader device.

9.       Can I punch holes in my new ID card?  No.  The new ID cards have a chip and an antenna in them.  Punching holes in the card will compromise the technological capabilities.

10.   What if I have questions or don’t know if I want to change cards?  Please visit Falcon Exchange or send us an email at falconexchange@messiah.edu.

Student Chaplain Forum

Hello everyone!

The chaplains are in the process of selecting next year’s team and we would love to hear from you concerning the preaching chaplain and student body chaplain positions. Therefore, we will be holding our annual chaplain forum this Sunday, March 5, starting at 7:00 PM in Boyer 131.

At the chaplain forum, the candidates for preaching chaplain and student body chaplain will each share a brief devotional. That’s where you come in! After each candidate shares their devotional, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback in an online survey, which we will take into account when we make our decisions! We look forward to seeing you at the forum!

7 Second Version:
1. Chaplain Forum on March 5, at 7:00 PM, in Boyer 131.
2. Come listen to chaplain candidate’s messages.
3. Provide feedback online.

Blessings and Peace,
The Student Chaplain Team

Thinking of Living on Campus?

All housing sign-up information can be found at www.messiah.edu/HousingSignUps

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** The winning name for the new housing software is The Nest and can be found at www.messiah.edu/TheNest
Here are the important dates for housing sign-ups:
March 1 Medical housing applications due
March 6 SaLT & Special interest house applications due (notification on March 10)
March 10 Off-campus housing applications are due
March 10 Housing survey & contracts available to sign on The Nest (www.messiah.edu/TheNest )
(PINs and timeslots are given after completing survey & contract)
March 21 & 22 The Nest opens for apartment cluster requests
March 24 Apartment clusters notified about their cluster assignment. Student acceptances of assignments due on March 27
March 26 Spring Forward [ 6-8 pm ]
March 27 & 28 Verification on The Nest for one bedroom apts.
March 29 One bedroom apt. sign-ups in Kline 120 [7:00—9:15 pm ]
March 31 & April 3 Verification on The Nest for two bedroom apts.
April 4 Two bedroom apt. sign-ups in Kline 120 [7:00—9:45 pm ]
April 5-6 The Nest opens for cluster requests
April 12 Clusters notified about their cluster assignment
April 14 Clusters accept or decline assignment
April 19 Housebook opens for room sign-ups (The full transition to The Nest will take about a year.  Individual room sign-ups will still occur on Housebook)

SAB Lost Films Presents: Manchester by the Sea

Come see “Manchester By the Sea” Fri. at 6 and 9pm and Sat. at 3, 6, and 9pm in Parmer Cinema! Free for students and $4 for guests!







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