Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Run

Interested in a Spring Break Service Trip?! We’ve got you covered!

Here’s where we’ll be going:
Full Trips March 5-13: $50
Praying Pelican- Miami, FL
WorkFest- Mt. Vernon, KY
Priority One- New York, NY
Partial Trips March 5-8: $30
Syracuse Rescue Mission- Syracuse, NY
Fellowship House- Camden, NJ
Leader Application Due Feb. 15
Participant Application Due Feb. 17
http://goo.gl/forms/oL59OLijcaDon’t miss an amazing opportunity to partner with outstanding organizations across the country, get to know new people with the same passion for service, and explore a new place!Want more information? Join us in Frey 150 at 9:30pm on Tuesday 2/9!

Check your mailboxes!

Due to textbook orders and Valentine’s Day approaching, we are asking all students to please check your mail at least twice a day for the rest of this week.  Since this is our busiest week of the year, we typically receive more packages than we have locker space for.  By picking up your packages in a timely manner, you help us to empty locker space that we need to keep packages moving.

Please be reminded that items smaller than 3 x 5 will not be distributed as this is the minimum size for any mail item.  More than ten cards need to be in numerical order by unit number and banded together for distribution.  Any candy must be securely attached to avoid being lost.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Black Student Union Event!

We want to let you know about an opportunity to participate in the Black Student Union’s annual event, Celebrating Black Diversity! This event will be held on Friday, February 19th from 7pm-9pm in the Larsen Student Union.

Celebrating Black Diversity is an opportunity to celebrate Black History Month and to learn more about a huge part of our nation’s history. This event will feature a full meal, special performances, and fun facts about Black History Month.

We are looking for student talent for this event. This includes but is not limited to singing, playing an instrument, spoken word/poetry, or dancing. We ask that performances pertain to the African diaspora, or themes along the lines of freedom or diversity.
If you have a talent you would like to share and are interested in participating in this event, send an email to Meadjean Placide at mp1294@messiah.edu. You must include your name, song selection, and type of performance. Limited spots are available!

10-Second Version:
– Black Student Union presents Celebrating Black Diversity: food, fellowship, and talent!
– Friday, February 19th, 7pm-9pm in the Larsen Student Union
– Looking for student talent: singing, playing an instrument, dancing, poetry, etc.
– If interested, send an email to Meadjean Placide at mp1294@messiah.edu

Coffeehouse auditions!

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