Stepping Back to Look at the Whole Picture

June 8th, 2019

On Friday we visited the “I Am A Man” monument in Memphis. Next to this memorial was a broken down Clayborn Temple. This Temple  was the site where the sanitation workers met each day.  Clayborn was the place where numerous discussions about the workers day to day struggles and non-violent protest planning occurred.  Clayborn was the last place that Martin Luther King Jr spoke.  Dr. King encouraged sanitation workers to keep going and not to give up.

What was the significance of “I Am A Man”?  Sadly many white people called black men “boy”.  I think this is very degrading, no matter what age.  Men wanted their voices heard about their working conditions and extremely low salaries.  Many men had families and little children.  Why did this happen- was it the massive disrespect and hatred that permeated the South?  I’ve watched several videos and read a lot of information in the museums I visited so as I step back to look at what I’ve learned so far I am naive in thinking everything is better now.  Unfortunately there is still hate and disrespect for people who are different than themselves .  It takes effort, I believe education and  faith in God.  Why not treat each other the way you want to be treated?  You are never too old to learn.


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