Gracious And Caring Spirit

June 6th, 2019

Yesterday we met Carolyn McKinstry, author of “While the World Watched “.   Carolyn was 14 years old when she lost her 4 friends and church mates because of a bomb thrown at her church in Birmingham, AL.  When she talked about her church responsibilities and the events going on that day it sounded like a normal Sunday.  After the bomb exploded she  exited and looked into the bathroom as she walked by to exit the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church but only saw a pile of rubble.  Carolyn didn’t realize her friends were buried there.

I was thinking about the hatred that must have been in the men’s minds and  hearts when they threw that bomb.  I like to think that those little girls came to their minds often at numerous point in their lives, but only God knew their hearts.

Carolyn talked about the Jews and Nazi concentration camps and how many people  suffered and died because of hate.  I could see that Carolyn is a very sweet, kind and caring person and exemplifies a gracious spirit.  What a great example of Christ  for all of us.


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