Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

June 4th, 2019

Last night we had the opportunity to hear the story of one of the Little Rock nine, Minijean Brown. It has been a blessing to have her sharing her experience and traveling with us on this tour. Minijean endured hardships that we only seek to understand.  She explained that the end result of the Little Rock desegregation actually hurt both black and white students. Schools were closed and education was denied to all students just to keep the black students out of the schools in defiance of the federal order. Her encouragement to us was that “children can make presidents act.”  This was exemplified by President Eisenhower sending federal troops to protect the Little Rock nine.  She encouraged us by saying we all can be ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I am learning so much on this trip and having my eyes opened to the real struggles that happened in our nation’s history and that continue to happen today.  I hope to see where I can use this experience to make a difference.


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