Greensboro Four – Susan Shannon

June 14th, 2018

I’m not emotional. I heard prior experiences from others who took this trip before me and thought, not me. I won’t cry.

Our first stop at Woolworth’s store/museum where 4 young men sat for service was moving. This tour is well choreographed with readings and videos and excellent conversations along the way. The bravery of those young men and many others was something. – Greensboro Four.

Are we still brave enough and persistent and patient enough to continue standing/sitting/kneeling today?

I know I struggle with patience.

At one point in the museum in Greensboro, name after name and story after story was presented of those who had been killed at the hands of those against the ideas of freedom. I want to make a list of all those continuing to be killed. Injustices continue in our society.

I want to stay strong, stand up, and speak out.

Yesterday we stopped in Atlanta and visited the MLK center…did I mention the conversations I’m having with those I’m traveling with?? Powerful.

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