June 16

June 17th, 2012

Our bus has been a community–different races, varying beliefs, different roles within our respective vocations, and yet there is a common thread that binds us. This thread is the fact that social justice is an ongoing struggle, that remains unresolved, and our many different duties will include it to be necessary to recall what we have learned and put it into practice.

We saw from first hand accounts how inaction can, and does, oppress. Our lack of intervening when necessary aids in condoning the unacceptable behavior. Christ called out unacceptable behavior–will we?

From those who stood stood with one another, watched their friends die, be beaten physically and mentally, there has been a great cost that cannot be minimized.  Education must include our collective history, not sanitized and made more palatable, but be accurate, so that we do not find ourselves at the same crossroads.

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