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comments from Alyssa Lord

February 19th, 2008

Alyssa Lord, beloved Worship Community member, is experiencing worship in a foreign country–England. from her own private English castle overlooking the coast, she writes:

“I’m really enjoying my time here. It’s intense and a lot of work, but I like the challenge and schedule. I’ve joined a college chapel choir that does Evensong liturgical services, and have been visiting many area churches to experience different worship communities. It’s been quite interesting to worship God in new forms. At first, the liturgy bothered me, and I found myself distracted by the format; but after attending several Anglican services, I found that I was able to praise God in new ways, that the form actually opened new space for prayer and reflection. Of course, music here is exceptional: most churches/cathedrals have beautiful organs and choirs. I have never been so appreciative of music, or aware of my ability to worship through melody as I have been here. Just this past Sunday, I attended an evangelical/baptist equivalent, and after so many Anglican/high church services, the comparison was quite interesting. It was nice to have the familiar worship songs, and feel more relaxed, but I missed the reverence and awe of God that pervaded some of the other services, even if the stiffer order of service might seem to divide the congregation and a distant God; that is, in some respects, though God is extremely personal, through more liturgical services, I feel I’ve been reminded of his holiness – what it means that he is God over all; a reminder that has inspired humility and respect, but above all, praise and wonder at his glory and love.”

Editor’s note: just kidding about Alyssa having her own English castle. that was just a ploy to get you to read the paragraph.

what say ye about your experiences worshiping God in different contexts?