Worship Community

NEW! Worship Community channel on MCSquare

January 10th, 2008

Dearest Worship Community,
did you know that there is a channel on MCSquare that includes the current chapel rotation? believe it or not, it exists! it’s interactive AND actually useful this year!

to access this channel:
1) sign into MCSquare.
2) click the “Campus Life” tab.
3) scroll down. you should see the Worship Community channel (directly below the College Ministries channel). here you will find two links—the first is for the spring chapel rotation and the second is for the blog.

[click the thumbnail below if you need a visual of where the channel is located.]

4) send David Perry a thank-you email for all the work he does to coordinate worship on campus.

in constant appreciation for your God-given skills and how you use them to serve the Body of Christ,
(Occasional) Worship Consultant