Worship Community

prayer for the community, 11-29-07

November 29th, 2007

from the prayer for the community written by John Eskate:

Lord God, this is crazy. Two nights ago I was yelling at you in my bed, demanding that you tell me how I’m supposed to deal with all of these projects that are due, of which I couldn’t even bring myself to work on because I was so anxious and scared by the sheer size of the load. Yet here I am, before my brothers and sisters at Messiah College, praying for them and for myself that you continue to be there for us. I think we’re beginning to realize, if we don’t already, that we need you. We can’t do this on our own. When we begin to think thoughts of quitting, you show us each other, you bring us together, in the halls, on our floors, in the library and in the Union; to support and encourage each other. I cannot count how many friends and family members that have told me over the past week that I’ll pull through this, encouraging me that I will make it to the end of the semester in one piece. Even though I am alone in completing my projects, you give me so many brothers and sisters to keep me company when I need it. For this, we thank you. If there is someone in this auditorium that feels they don’t have any brothers and sisters they can turn to, help us to be there for him or for her; literally steal our attention away from whatever we are doing, and help us to recognize these brothers and sisters in need. For you are too good to us that we should not hold back our love from each other. Lord God, don’t let us forget to thank you as you help us along the way and at the finish of our semester. Help us to find the hope and glory in thanking you always, so that we may be better servants to you and to each other. You are the future God, not the end. Amen.