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4 Types of Spirituality

October 3rd, 2007

Urban Holmes proposed an understanding of spirituality based on two axes which, when used together, produce four types of orthodox Christian spirituality.

According to Allan Sager, the vertical scale is an “orientation/ends” axis. The upper hemisphere represents those who seek illumination of the mind in their desire to know God. Those in the southern hemisphere seek illumination of the heart, desiring to have an affective rather than speculative relationship with God.

The horizontal axis is a “technique/means” scale indicating the preferred ways and means of going about the spiritual life. The word kataphatic means “to engage the revealed God by attempting to image God through the senses.” The word apophatic means “negative,” therefore suggesting that God is best reached by negation, forgetting, and unknowing in sensory darkness without the support of concepts, images, and symbols.

Check out the chart below and see if you can place yourself within this schema.

4 types of spirituality 002.jpg

What does this chart have to do with worship?

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