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healthy spirituality

May 4th, 2007

Once we have come to the point that we can allow God to be for us always new, always beckoning–beyond any single way of worship, any one set of devotions, any need to be less than alive and full of the joy of it, any desire to close off people and life, any idea that the daily is dull and empty of real spiritual experience, we have begun to grow into the spiritual life. Then we are finally ready to find God in the very lives we are leading right now.

No doubt about it: if we are created by God the Creator, then living creation well–in concert with creation and in communion with the Creator–is the ultimate spiritual life. Anything less than that, anything that divides life into opposing parts–into the “spiritual” and the “material”–as if one were not the essence of the other, may be religion, but how can it possibly be a healthy spirituality?

from the book Called to Question: A Spiritual Memoir written by Joan D. Chittister, OSB

2 Responses to “healthy spirituality”

  1. Chess1999 Says:

    i think healthy spirituality is vital to a good life!

  2. Hum Tum Says:

    that really helped me spiritually
    Thanks !!!