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concerned pastor

March 16th, 2007

go here: http://blogs.salon.com/0004870/message.html
and listen to the clips from a concerned pastor:

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2 Responses to “concerned pastor”

  1. Abby Says:

    Wow…the remix is pretty clever :) Interesting phone call though…I don’t know what I would do if I got it on my voicemail. My question is was the music leader in front just moving to the music or was she dancing suggestively? I would assume the first and not the latter, but it is interesting how people interpret what we do as worship leaders. I guess we need to be cognizant of others…but that should not stop or hinder or box up our expression of our worship to God. I can’t judge the man who made the phone call because I wasn’t there to see the alledged “butt shaking”. However, I think he is a very proud man considering he feels the need to say he wrote a book about 1440 (or whatever #) things God told him…myabe one was “Thou shalt not shake your derriere”…but I don’t know :)

  2. Dan Pratt Says:

    If I had been the music minister, I would have done the same thing. Instead of getting bent out of shape he/she just channeled that energy into a sweet remix! On a more serious note though, I think there is a line that we walk as lead worshipers, because on the one hand, we need to give God an authentic expression of ourselves when we praise God, but because we are more visible because of the “leading” component, then we should make sure we’re not distracting or inhibiting others from worshiping. It is a balance though, and I’m compelled to believe that in this particular case the caller needs to chill out. There is a difference between intentionally bringing attention to oneself and getting lost in a moment of praise in the Spirit and it seems like a Spirit moment to me.