When we woke up this morning each of us immediately looked out the window to evaluate the weather. We had been planning to visit the Shared Earth Farm on Wednesday but decided that, if the weather was ok, we would move the visit up a day. There was no rain or snow as predicted yet we proceeded to perpetuate the uneasy relationship we have with weather.com only to find out that our window of opportunity was narrowing. The rain was on its way and would hit in an hour. We ate breakfast, packed our bags, loaded the bikes and were off.
The seven mile jaunt from Grantham to the Shared Earth Farm was nothing in comparison to the thirty three miles of hills on our first day of the journey. Among other things, the ride was a relief for all our sore bottoms. We arrived at the Shared Earth Farm in less than forty-five minutes with not a drop of rain. The rain did come a little later.
We spent the day learning, eating delicious home cooking, discussing farming, and listening to Ethan’s extensive vocabulary. As I type he is pilling pillows, toys, and other random household items on my leg because it is a “beewding site.” This afternoon I sat on Dippy the cat when, after standing up from my chair for just five seconds, he tried to curl up on it. I got him back at some point because latter I found a handful of orange and white hair pinched underneath one of the chair legs.
Shiela, Amy’s mother, Ethan’s grandmother, and the head farmer here at Shared Earth showed us around the farm while explaining that their CSA will be expanding this year to 50 whole shares. She also educated us about the connection between the lunar cycle and plant growth. There is certainly a bright future for this CSA and its community. There seems to be immense potential as well because of its location relative to Messiah College.
Service day, April 17, 2008 at Shared Earth Farm: be there.