At eight thirty this morning we all rolled off our prospective matts or futons, and began preparing for what promised to be a rainy day of riding. Our gracious hosts John, Beth, and Ellis continued to provide us with good food and even better company as they showed us around Goldfinch farm, joined us in some focused conversation about the CSA, and then saw us off and onto the next leg of our journey. The weather had begun to turn in our favor, and with more bags on our bikes than under our eyes, we shoved off. Unfortunately, we only made it about 100ft up the first hill when my asthma kicked in full force. A quick call to Amanda’s mom set plan B in motion for the day, and 4 miles up the road she picked me up, and I headed back to Grantham via mini-van. I pulled up to my house, said goodbye to my lifesaver, Mrs. Frankeny, and exchanged my bike for my honda accord. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were bravely facing the rolling hills and blustery wind that stood between them and our next destination Everblossom Farm. They managed with a lunch break on the side of the road where they broke out the camp stove and made some couscous. As they continued on their way I threw a few extra sleeping bags into my car (hit up the local Starbucks), and started my motorized trek to rejoin my team. The twenty mile car ride seemed like it took forever because I found myself sizing up every dip and hill in the road. I had never looked at hills in that way before, but knowing how difficult they would be to bike I wanted to give the team a rundown of what to expect. Finally, just outside of East Berlin I spotted them on a hilltop. What champions. I pulled a quick U-ey, turned on my fourway flashers, whipped out the camcorder, made many a car behind me mutter under their breath, and began to document the journey once more. Amanda led the group for the most part, keeping a good pace out in front. At one point a cop pulled up to me to see if anything was wrong since I had my flashers on. I assured him I was just supervising the crew coming up the hill, and when he saw the flock of bike coming our way he looked back at me like I had three heads. With no further incidence, other than Brother Ben crashing on the side of the road, we all road slowly but surely up to Everblossom Farm. Inside, Elaine and Eric greeted us warmly, and then escorted us to Elaine’s sister, Jody’s house, where we enjoyed a traditional Irish meal and lively conversation. We covered many different topics, raw “cooking”, a new word for mucusy…mucual, and how to soak rice with no boiling water and only a college degree…hmmm. Perhaps if we create some graphs we can figure it out. Well thats all for now. I am nothing short of amazed at the connections we have experienced almost instantly with everyone we have met. The love and support we are all receiving is overwhelming. Tomorrow will be our first day of farm work. Expect good things.