We began our journey around 2:30pm. The sun was shining, the air was warm, and the breeze gentle. Our spirits were high as we left the Davies’ house and then we turned the corner to encounter…A HILL!! We were soon to learn that we would encounter many hills…hill after hill after hill. Big hills, huge hills, and massive hills! In fact, York County should be nicknamed the county of hills.

Nonetheless, we persevered. We worked out some kinks in our bikes; Ben lost a screw, Amanda needs to stay in the lowest gear, and we’ve all had a few bumps as we get used to carrying the bags on the back of our bikes.

But we were blessed by a beautiful day! And Carolyn was able to set the video camera on her handle bars to get some great footage. We also made a hearty Cliff bar pit stop.

One of the best parts of the day was when we were almost to the Goldfinch Farm. We had just finished a glorious downhill only to look up and find an intimidating uphill up ahead. Our hearts sank until we realized that Schmuck Road, our final turn that would take us to the Goldfinch Farm, was right before the uphill! And, in case you were wondering, Schmuck Road is all downhill! It was smooth sailing to the Farm where we were greeted by John and Beth and their son Ellis, along with a delicious meal of bean and sweet potato enchilladas, cornbread and fresh veggies. We enjoyed a great evening of fellowship and tea and look forward to the morning as we learn more about the Goldfinch Farm!

Love Liz