Midnight squirrel here…

Although I am typically partial to Georgia because of friends who live down here, but in general, the south is just fantastic. I hope and pray one day to live down here, or at least somewhere in the south. The warm southern air, sweet tea and peaches right off of the tree are heavenly!

Well, today Lisa and I both have interviews. She is going to be talking with another Christian coffee shop owner in downtown Atlanta. Hoping to get a feel for the difference of climate and atmosphere as compared to when we were in the north in Ohio. I am going to be talking with Ruth VanYperen, a Messiah Alumni, about her vocation at North Point community church in the suburbs of Atlanta. Already having talked to her before today, it seems as though North Point has a lot to offer the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Atlanta. Their main objective is to reach out to the community with the Gospel of Christ in order to lead people into relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ. But what is interesting, they try to do everything, down to the bulletins, 150%. Actually, Ruth showed us a video they recently made in order to discuss the issues of wealth and how Christians are to live. They redid the music video for the song “glamorous” by Fergie. The video honestly looked like it had been professionally done. Apparently, the church averages around 12,000 people per Sunday (and this is just one of their 3 campuses!). Other times, the group Passion has held their conferences at their facilities and next year Youth Specialties will be hosting events there as well.

well, after a good morning run in the hot Georgia sun, we are off to the city. Afterwards, the midnight riders are heading north again and hoping to camp out in a state park in the carolina’s. This time WITH a tent that has all the pieces (I purchased one yesterday at Target!).