Midnight Squirrel here …or abbie. So i’ve had plenty of hours awake the last 48 hours and here are my thoughts.

i believe that the skyscraper came first, not the elevator.

People who have had the chance to ‘name’ certain things need to be more creative. Such as, a scarecrow, jambayla, stew or an automobile. (think about those ones)

It’s clear why people would choose to live in the country and NOT in a city.

Southern food is much better than food up north, minus my mother’s cooking OF COURSE!
example- I had a chicken ceaser salad last night and in Oklahoma they put pasta in it as well!
AND in Memphis, on their BBQ sandwiches they also put cole slaw on top of the BBQ..this is amazing.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer quite possibly was a modern day prophet.

How do we let our “lights” shine before all men and yet not let our left hand know what our right is doing?

Why do a good majority of pentacostal churches in the south have buildings the size of corporate buildings?

Why is it everyone else in the country, minus pennsylvania drivers, know how to merge onto a highway.

Never, ever drive down a random state road through Louisianna with four college girls at 3:00 a.m

And last but not least…New Orleans needs more missionaries.