The south is more hospitable! We arrived in Georgia today after leaving New Orleans, which everyone was quite thankful for. New Orleans is quite the interesting area — a city highly involved in voodoo and witch craft. We made the mistake of walking to Cafe du Monte this morning (a cafe notorious for french doughnuts). In walking there we had to pass over Bouborn St. which in the evening is crazy and busy, but in the morning reeks of stale liquor and vomit. Yuck! However the french beignets, fried dough piled high with powdered sugar, was well worth it. (At least I “The Elipse” thought so, everyone else wandered elsewhere to where they served real, healthy breakfast).

Before we introduce you to our new locations, now is a good time to tell you about our travels into New Orleans and our night time drive. To begin we had trouble getting out of Oklahoma because we got really poor directions from a guy we interviewed. Oklahomies are just bad direction people. We asked some Oklahomies where we could get ice cream and they insisted there was no such place. We joyfully finished our tasty frozen treats as we drove into the night swearing to never ask for directions again. The drive went well, we took turns driving and sleeping throughout the trip. The only mishaps were when Rt. 65 took us into a middle of no-where Louisiana town. The whole town consisted of about a 1/2 mile stretch of road and the speed dropped quickly from 45 to 25. Yet in the process of decreasing our speed, the one cop patroling that tiny little strip of road at 4:30 am pulled us over. One of the midnight riders got a ticket =(. No questions from the cop. No “hey why are you 4 girls driving a Maryland car in my town at 4:30 am?”. Nothing. Just a stinkin ticket. After that and a lot of one lane roads we finally arrived in New Orleans…kind of.

We found the camp ground we were intending on camping at but when we unrolled the tent we realized we did not have any tent poles, thus no camping for the Midnight Riders. After playing with a gecko for a bit we rolled back up our pole-less tent and headed towards the city to find a hotel. We found a nicely priced place right outside the French Quater but couldn’t for the life of us actually get into the city. We crossed over the city about 2 times (each time taking about 40 minutes) until we got some help from some locals at an Arby’s. Oklahomies = bad direction givers. New Orleanians = good direction givers. We got to our hotel but were too early to check in. While we waited we swam and sat by the hotel pool relaxing. We didn’t spend too much time in the city, just enough to acquaint ourselves with the area.

And so here we are at our next stop, Atlanta, Georgia. The ride up was nice. Pam found an Alaska license plate which I think has secured her the winning spot in the game, unless we pass someone from Hawaii and then Ashley and I might have a fighting chance. We are now at the house of Abbie’s friends Ruth and spent the evening playing candy land and chutes and ladders with Ruth’s nieces –very refreshing. Oh, and our first home cooked meal! Very delicious.

*We also want to say “hi” to Ms. Zimmerman’s class. We’re glad your watching our journey and we hope your having as much fun in class as we are on our road trip.

Lisa rolling back up the pole-less tent:

Abbie playing with Larry (our new pet gecko):

Ashley, Pam, and Lisa wandering around New Orleans: