…but we aren’t positive because we didn’t feel like paying the money to search for him at Graceland. However, we did spend the day in Memphis and had a great time. We wandered around the city and explored the fun sites. Pam and Abbie were pretty excited to play some guitars at the Gibson guitar factory. They said that the accoustic guitars “played like butter.” We then went to The Peabody, a hotel that is known for the ducks that hang out in the lobby’s foutain. The ducks live up on the roof and take the elevator down each morning and spend the day chillin in the fountain until they are ushered back upstairs in the evening. They were cool ducks! After a fantastic meal of true Memphis BBQ pork we headed out to Arkansas. Initially we planned to camp out, but due to the potential thunderstorms, we found ourselves at a cheap motel for the evening. Tomorrow we head out to Tulsa for our second inteview and to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie.

On our way into Tennesse yesterday Pam made a request to stop at this renown location.

It was well worth the stop!

Our day in Memphis…

The ducks in the hotel fountain:

…I lied, we did find Elvis: