We’re sitting at this little cafe in Franklin, Tenn (about 30 mins south of Nashville), the coolest place ever! Not only are the biscuts fantastic but this is the hub for the Christian music industry. We are staying with two of Ashley’s friends, two amazing people, one who has been signed with Gotee records. They shared with us their stories about trusting God and how he brought them to this place in life…what an encouragment! It is neat to see that the big names in Christian music aren’t living in huge hollywood houses with 10 mile long driveways but doing exactly what Christians should be doing…living in community. It’s such a neat town! Which is refeshing after our day in Cincinnati. What a scary and sketchy city. We drove there yesterday after leaving Chicago to go to an interview I (Lisa) had at a coffee shop. However, our first great big frustration, after driving into the city, my interviewee wasn’t there. Luckly I had another contact I knew about, and Les at the Rohe Street Cafe was willing to do an interview on the spot.
The interview was very encouraging, I found out that in wanting to start a coffee shop I don’t need to have an excessive amount of extra cash to start a business. Les and his friends, after finishing college, had a vision and asked others to help support this vision. Thus even with my 60 thousand worth of college loans, God can still make this dream possible…I just can’t do it on my own. Les also told me that in order to make it in the cafe world you need something to set you apart. Thus, I am trying to convince Pam to join me in this endeavor and be my bakery chef.
Anyways we are off to Memphis today to meet Elvis.

As for the Licence plate game….we are all neck and neck (we left the real scrores in the car).

-“The Eclipse”