Up nice and early this morning and we headed into chicago. The rest of the girls pretty much passed out for most of the drive, more than likely because it was all farm and flat land for over three hours. I (midnight squirrel or abbie) took the wheel for the first time this trip and headed into the windy city, although not to windy today! The Lord blessed us with one of the most beautiful days thus far, sunny and 85! It took a little over four hours to get into the city..more or less from having to stop at random gas stations searching for the cheapest gas, $3.93 was the most exspensive we have paid thus far, and we pray it does not get any higher!

I was more than surprised at how beautiful of a city Chicago really was! Most of the people, while walking downtown, kept to themselves but were delightfully friendly. We saw some amazing architecture and awesome fountians down near Lake Michigan. We took tons of pictures and video footage throughout the day (we will post pics soon!). The two huge fountains we saw were called the “crown fountains” in millenial park. Here is where two huge blocks about a story or two high had water spewing out on each side and had video images of peoples faces upclose. These faces would change randomly and what made it even cooler, these faces would put their lips together to spit and then the water would shoot out of their mouth!! The BEST part of it there were TONS of little kids running and playing through the water and laughing fantastically! I am convinced this is what heaven will be like. Kids of all races playing in giant sprinklers in the spring sun, laughing, running and enjoying the day!

anyways, we are hanging at ashley’s friends house who she went to africa with her sophomore year at messiah. Tomorrow morning, up nice and early and headed to cincinati for an interview with a Christian Coffee shop owner.

Tons of fun on the way…