We have arrived in Toledo, Ohio after leaving PA this afternoon and have just finished a very late dinner. Today’s trip only consisted of two little mishaps on the road; we missed one turn and then got some faulty directions that set us back an hour,but hey, “its all in the experience”. And so with that little motto we are doing pretty good. Tomorrow we head out to Chicago to do some exploring. Not much of an adventure yet, but thats why we have been doing a good job of entertaining ourselves in the car. Todays tally in the “Licence plate” game (a game where we compete to find different state licence plates) is as followed: Ashley in the lead with 31, Pam close second with 26, and I’m coming in at 23. Pam’s showing off quite the eye for picking out licence plates…even finding a U.S government plate. Abbie is serving as our judge and I have learned that covering the eyes of other passangers is illegal. Keep watching to see who wins, we still have a lot of state licence plates to spot.

Lisa (The Eclipse)

The midnight riders are now fully equipped with nick names:
Abbie – Midnight Squirrel
Ashley – Morning Weasel
Pam – Noon Ox
Lisa – “The Eclipse”