So this morning the girls and I got up, got ready, ate some delicious monkey bread (NOT bread made out of monkeys :) and went to Kelly’s church. Then we came back and had a delicious lunch of mac and cheese and wrapped up our filming as a team. Then, Sarah and I packed up our stuff and heading back to Messiah to drop everything off and so I could pick up my car and head home. Kelly obviously stayed at her house and Kristal’s parents drove down later in the afternoon from New York to pick her up. Sarah and I didn’t have any problems getting back to Grantham, except when we missed our first turn onto 80 West haha. Traffic wasn’t bad at all, and we had fun filming clouds and other things along the way haha We looked in the sky for clouds that looked like things…for example, we spotted clouds that looked like dolphins, whales (for you Kristal), and sharks…I’m not really sure why they were all sea animals, but oh well…Sarah and I told the camera that we had to leave Kelly and Kristal on the side of 80 West because of rising gas prices and our car being too weighed down haha. We made it back to Messiah around 4 pm and dropped the camera equipment and all of our paperwork off. Then I got in my own car, which I had left on campus for the week in good old D lot, and we headed our own separate ways. It was funny because before we drove into D lot I wasn’t sure if I could remember where I had parked my car almost a week earlier. However, when we got there my beautiful 91 Buick was the ONLY car in the entire parking lot haha so I didn’t have much trouble with that.

We had an amazing time on the road and we were able to meet some really fascinating people and see some really fun places. We learned alot of valuable information from the professionals we interviewed, and we are really going to take alot away from this invaluable experience. We were able to get five interviews on tape and we have one additional interview typed up (one professional did not want to be interviewed). We were on the road from May 15th-May 20th. We encountered alot of heavy traffic and got lost a few times, but we made it!

We want to thank the Career Center and Enterprise Rent-a-Car company for helping to make this experience possible for us. We were blessed with an incredible opportunity. We hope that our contribution will help other members of the Messiah community down the road in their vocational journeys and career development experiences, as it has helped us. We have learned about the importance of networking and getting your name and face out there in the professional world, as well as the importance of gaining hands-on experience in your particular field of study. The professionals also emphasized building relationships with those in your prospective career fields and being proactive in your educational journey. In addition, they all reiterated the importance of exploring and researching and making sure you know what field you’re getting into before you do so. They also talked about the importance of obtaining skill sets and not simply just gaining a degree. Finally, they emphasized making sure that you do something that you love.

This experience was a very rewarding one. We would definitely recommend that there be more such opportunities for Messiah College students in the future :)