Saying Goodbye To A Legend …

December 23rd, 2008

As was discussed in my column, it’s tough to know where – or if I’m really the best person – to start. I believe the follow-up comments to this post will do Dave Brandt the most justice. This site is dedicated to thanking and reminiscing over a coaching career unparalleled at any school in the country, or world for that matter.

Personally, Coach Brandt has meant a lot to me in only a year’s time of knowing him. From openly discussing his thoughts on leadership, to welcoming my wife and me to team functions, to giving me credit for knowing something about soccer (when I really don’t), he’s been incredible.

Coach, I wish you and your family the absolute best at Navy. I believe that time is the only thing standing between you and the type of success you created at Messiah. While I’m saddened that you won’t occupy an office just down the hallway from my own, I’m eternally grateful and excited to call you a friend. God bless you.

Alright, Messiah nation. It’s time to let your voices be heard. Simply click on the “comments” link below, and write what you feel (or just read what others have posted). I urge you to use this board for it’s intended purpose – this is a forum to thank Coach Brandt, rehash the best memories and share in the incredible ride that our coach has given us over the last 24 years of his life.