Tuesday morning we woke up and after only a short drive to the beach we were there! Taking in the sun (and not even knowing it because it was so cloudy). But truthfully the beach was beautiful. It was a little chilly and we were mostly tucked into the fetal position with sweatshirts but then we got used to it and danced around for a while. Have no fear, its all on video tape. Additionally, Jackie and Juliette thought it would be good fun to let their lone sea gull friend snack on Becca and Julie with sprinkled bread while they were sleeping. However, there is a secret to birds that we cannot understand. They can track a crumb from a 5 mile radius. Therefore the number multiplied quite fast. It was pretty funny actually. : ) Juliette and Jackie did take a plunge into the ocean while Becca and Julie went looking for a bathroom for almost an hour. In order to keep things simple for future matters, Juliette graciously dug a very large hole in the sand. You couldn’t see her when she was standing up it was fantastic. All in all, it was a wonderful day at the beach with no one there and we came back to the Lockard residence to make them a scrumptous dinner creation that was topped off with bananna smoothies and juliette’s homemade chocolate covered strawberries.  

Wednesday- Today we woke up and got ready to meet for several interviews. The first interview included a woman named Annalise who works in Graphic Design. Juliette, Julie, and Jackie went to Panera to meet with her while Becca scrambled to finish her application to Mechanicsburg school district. We loved talking and getting to know her job and talk to her about life in general. Next, we came back to pick up Becca and went on our way to Christ Church where we met up with two women that work there in Children’s Ministry. We actually were invited to the one woman’s house to do the interview and we ate lunch and sat by her pool talking with them for a few hours. It was great!! Then, we came back and Juliette rested her sunburned body and took a power nap while the rest of our Sigma team went to the private neighborhood pool. Then when Helen (Julie’s sister) came home we took the dog for an exotic walk through the park across the street and watched the sunset over the bay. After that, we came home and Julie’s sister’s husband (Brendan) made us steak and salad. Oh what a hard life we live. We might just feel guilty getting paid to do this. After all, we are having the time of our life! 

The Plan: Tomorrow we are planning to head out around 10am and walk around Savannah, GA for a while then head to Charlotte, NC or Blacksburg, VA to spend the night (depending how far we get). Keep us in your prayers as we hear the weather is going to be pretty bad.

Until then! Sigma J signing out. Goodnight friends!!