This morning we took it slow and left Jacksonville, FL around 10:45. We said our goodbyes to the Lockards and Belle, then hit the road for Savannah, GA. We arrived in Savannah around 1:30 and grabbed a late lunch to go and sat on the riverfront looking out into the water. We met a strange, hippy who did some advertising and tried to convince us to live free off of the land. Maybe later dude. We took a stroll along the river and then stopped in a couple stores before heading out onto the open once again. We left Savannah around 3:30 and arrived in Charlotte, NC at about 7:30… Not too shabby, then the four of us went out for pizza and salad at a cute little town center and arrived at the Smartt house (Julie’s brother and his wife) which was right nearby. We’re sleeping here for the night and headed for our last interview tomorrow. Goodnight all!

PS- The theme song for the week is definitely Love Song. Which we have heard through cell phone rings, ipods, and radios at least twice a day.