Hey all!  Today was just fabulous.  We slept in this morning (Sleeping in being 9-9:30 for Becca, 9:30 for me, 10:00 Jackie, and 11 for Juliette : )  Pretty typical for our sleep patterns haha).  We all bummed around in our PJ’s, read, relaxed, ate breakfast, and Jackie made her special baked oatmeal.  It was glorious.  Becca and Jackie inspired us all to run in the early afternoon and we took Belle, the cute boxer with us.  After deciding what our future houses were going to look like after running through the neighborhood, we took our time cleaning up and then headed to St. Augustine. 

We walked around a bit in the old city, oohing and ahhing over the old buildings that Flagston College dwelled in.  We were all tacky tourists today with our cameras and our SWEET video camera : )  We crawled all over the fort in St. Augustine and while that was fascinating, we then discovered this amazing tree to climb on.  We all managed to climb up (or be hoisted/pushed and pulled up) and acted about 7 years old.  Again, it was glorious.  Then we “arghhhhed” at a pirate, ate some candy, and saw a man in a kilt- fitting for St. Patty’s Day eh?  We ventured off over the bridge, saw a lighthouse, climbed another amazing oak, got a little lost, and with Helen and the GPS (Luna) we found our way back to the Lockard abode. 

After waiting until ten to eat Corned Beef, potatos, salad, and cookies, we relaxed, watched some tv, and listened to some sleeping wonders in the group snore (those parties will remain nameless).  Apparently it takes 3 hours to cook corned beef, so don’t start at 7 pm or you’ll be waiting for a while. 

The day was packed with leisure, adventure, castle hopping, and Irish eating.  Thank you Messiah for spring break!

- the Sigs