After leaving Messiah at 6:45am we started our journey which lasted us until 10:30pm. We took 15 South towards I 95 and traveled around Washington DC and Richmond very easily. We stopped in North Carolina for lunch at the famous Gardner’s BBQ (in honor of our most loved roommate Laura who could not make the trip because she is happily boarding in Utah). We got stopped in traffic in North Carolina and made some trucker friends. To pass the time we listened to practically every song in our ipods and cd mixes. We also played catch phrase and rush hour. After seeing numerous hilarious billboards, we stopped at South of the Border in South Carolina. It was a fabulous experience full of arcades, beach shops, and various random paper mache animals, including a life sized weiner dog (a personal favorite). We filled up for gas before leaving and only had to stop two times! Although, we did explore many state line welcome centers. Upon arrival in Florida, we kissed ground in front of the welcome center. Relieved to have survived the journey!