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The sound heard ‘cross the sea.

July 26th, 2007 | Category: Pop Culture,Treasury

Wow, a forum where a group of few can broadcast what captivates and motivates them, what they like and dislike, to a larger audience. of course that implies that I’m captivated by something interesting.

And, in fact, I am.

While most of its video catalogue has been overshadowed by recent Democratic events, Youtube still possesses some hidden gems. Case in point, there are more than one videos of new Radiohead material. I apologize if this is old news; but ever since I found them, I can’t stop watching. These tracks are supposedly from Radiohead’s upcoming record, which scheduled for release…sometime in the near future, according to the band’s website. This rumor is supported by the fact that some of the videos show Thom Yorke playing sparse piano arrangements of the songs in the band’s recording studio.

But enough elaboration. These videos should be watched. I could say it’s because Thom Yorke and his band are such incredible and engaging performers. I could say it’s because each song showcases Radiohead’s knack for creating melodies and lyrics that captivate without overpowing. Actually, I’d say both of those things.

But I’m kissing-up. Another band from across the Atlantic is called Guillemots. They have released a full-length record, Through the Windowpane, which has recently become available in the US. I only recently discovered how great this CD is. It’s songs are catchy, but don’t become tired after a few listens. Each sounds unique, ranging from soft piano/orchestra arrangments to loud Afro-Caribbean brass sections. And it has what I think is one of the most incredible ending tracks that a record could ever have.
Check this band out.

And, for now, I have no more thoughts. And here are those Radiohead videos.

Down Is The New Up


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