February 2008

musicDiana Ecker on 26 Feb 2008 04:18 pm

It’s gray today in Philadelphia.
Everyone around campus has a mood to match the weather, but it could be much worse. For instance, the weather could drop below freezing, an even that has occurred approx. 4 or 5 times this winter. I would make a joke like “I love global warming!” but it’s become a bit over done in this oven.

Last week some friends discovered a Philly equivalent to Messiah’s B-Sides Wednesday night concert series. Aside from the show not being free or in a convenient walkable location, the atmosphere at the Tin Angel is classy and “adult” i.e. 21+ (shh)
I was unable to attend the show because I had to write a theology paper. Luckily, Brooke Waggoner (the performer) had an EP available for free download on her website.
Check it out-

This girl has captured the attention and admiration of me and the people I live with. I highly recommend you download her music.

If you are on main campus and see table tents for Philly campus all over the tables in Lottie and the Union you should pay attention to them, I made them. They were a project I was paid to do (like how I get paid to write this…). Also, you should think about applying to Philly campus, it’s way more fun than Grantham. (I wasn’t paid to say that… well I guess if I wrote it in this I technically am being paid to say it.)

Enjoy B-Sides, wherever you may b.

food and holiday and musicDiana Ecker on 14 Feb 2008 03:32 pm

This afternoon, after my 100 level American history lecture, I went to lunch with my friend Nadia, as we do every Tuesday and Thursday after class.
We walked into the SAC and there was a live jazz band playing where the student DJ is usually set up playing loud hip-pop hits. It was the SAC’s Valentines Day gift to the students. How cute!
Next to the band were a few tables of vendors selling “jewelry” and other “Valentine’s Day” things to throw out, I mean stuffed animals holding hearts. Tis the season!
Anyway, Nadia and I ate our burritos upstairs while listening to a long rendition of “My Favorite Things” (from the Sound of Music). It did not seem holiday appropriate, but it certainly grew on me. That is why I have been singing it (jazz style) out loud all afternoon…

Happy V Day,

deathDiana Ecker on 03 Feb 2008 05:44 pm

Tragedy has struck here at MCPC.
All our fish have died.

Our house has a nice quiet lounge and dining area, accompanied by a peaceful fish tank which adds a tranquil dynamic to the room. A family of approximately 30 goldfish kindly swam together for as long as I’ve lived here, always providing me with a wonderful visual while relaxing on the couch. There was also one large algae eating fish that lived on the bottom of the tank, occasionally surfacing and frightening any humans who happened to catch a glimpse of his/her(?) ugly visage.

Yesterday afternoon I was socializing with some friends when I received a phone call. I walked into the quiet lounge to answer the phone, and noticed the fish tank to be very cloudy and very green. As I drew closer the carnage was evident, little fish were floating at the top and bottom of the tank. I screamed and hung up the phone.

My friends came running to their horror and surprise of the fatal tank. Mouths gaping wide, we didn’t know what to do. I ran upstairs to alert my roommate and grab my camera. We needed evidence… just in case this was murder.

In a fit of bravery and “fishitarianism”, Charley Wilkinson found a survivor. She rescued the last living gold fish and put it in a small tub of water, methodically blowing bubbles into the water with a straw to create oxygen. She also knew to massage the gills of the creature, hoping to relieve it from any post traumatic stress.

Once we calmed down a bit we started to wonder… what about the ugly one that lived on the bottom of the tank? The tank was too opaque to see more than a depth of two inches. However, minutes later it appeared!! The disgusting face looked out from the tank at us for 8 seconds and quickly returned to the invisible morbid waters.

From that point, there was nothing we could do except to keep the survivor alive. Charley has thus far succeeded. Regrettably (well…) the large algae eater was last seen floating dead at the top of water.

RIP Fishez. :(