March 2007

UncategorizedRyan B. on 20 Mar 2007 12:28 pm

Although this semester’s Common-Text Immersion Weekend began with being slammed by a snowy nor’easter, it turned out to be successful nonetheless. Students were able to engage themselves in the ideas of Shane Claiborne, as well as interaction with the author himself.

Friday night took the hardest hit of the snow storm, as icy/rainy/snowy conditions were had. MCPC students were still able to sit in on a talk presented by Shane Claiborne, though, in the MCPC chapel. Outings were scheduled throughout the city, but did not take place due to the conditions. Students found their own fun, however. Some even played in the snow on Broad Street!

Saturday’s scheduled Community Service also did not take place due to inclement weather, but students are encouraged to go back to Ray of Hope this Saturday instead, if possible. Focus groups with Shane Claiborne went from 2 pm – 5:15 pm. During these 45 minute sessions, Shane presented his ideas of simple living and New Monasticism at a more in-depth level. College students from other institutions such as Eastern University, Albright, and Wingate also joined in on the talks. Questions and comments were addressed, and much was elaborated on regarding Shane’s viewpoints as well as his book, The Irresistible Revolution.

Sunday was less driven by the Common Text and focused more on having a good time with fellow MCPC students, as a 76ers game was enjoyed at the Wachovia Center after a morning of Sunday worship at various city churches. Although the 76ers lost horribly, everyone had a good time.

Monday night’s usual community activities brought this semester’s 2nd Immersion Weekend to an appropriate close, as small group sessions helped individuals express their opinions regarding Shane’s ideas. Questions were addressed that encouraged analysis, growth, and reflection regarding simple living and “extreme revolutionary” ideas. It became obvious that each and every student benefited from the Common Text in one way or another. So take that, snowstorm!

Students enjoy Snow on Broad St.
Students enjoy the snow on Friday outside of MCPC.

Waiting for the Subway
Some venture into the city despite conditions.

76ers Game
Enjoying the game, despite a sad scoreboard.

Uncategorizedknicely on 05 Mar 2007 12:48 pm

That’s right, I’m 86% Philly. Yes! I love it here.

generalRyan B. on 02 Mar 2007 04:50 pm

Yesterday I was riding the subway back to campus from Center City (I’ve noticed that riding the subway almost always gives me something to write about…). Across from me were two college-aged guys. From inevitable eavesdropping, I gathered that they were probably South Philly natives. Their discussion during this particular SEPTA ride was quite amusing. It went something like this:

GUY #1: “Hey, have you see my myspace lately?”
GUY #2: “No…”
GUY#1: “Oh… well have you ever taken that ‘How Philly Are You?’ quiz online?”
GUY #2: “Yeah. I’m only 76% Philly”
GUY #1: “Ouch. I got a 94%. I was so mad… I should have 100%!”
GUY #2: “Oh… wow, that’s rough, man.”
GUY #1: “I know! 94%… how is that even possible?! I’m not putting it on my myspace unless it’s 100%.”
GUY #2: “Good call.”

I found this conversation hilarious yet thought-provoking. I couldn’t believe that such a true Philadelphia native would only score a 94%. Even moreso, I couldn’t help but wonder… How Philly was I?! I couldn’t possibly be half as “Philly” as either of these guys… I’ve only been in this city for 7 months. These guys have been in this city for their whole lives! I couldn’t possibly measure up. Still, my curiousity got the best of me, and I raced to my computer to take the life-defining quiz.

You are 54% Philly!!

You have decent amount of Philly in your system. Not enough though, so why don’t you go ishkabibbles!!

How Philly Are You?
Make a Quiz

I’m not really sure what ishkabibbles means, but it turns out I am only 54% Philly. I think I’m OK with this, though. Life goes on, and I am learning more everyday about the city of Philadelphia through my experiences at MCPC. I may not know all the words to the theme song of Fresh Prince of Belair, or know how to pronounce Passyunk, but I am tying my best.

For more ways to know if you’re a true Philadelphian, check out this list taken from Philadelphia Magazine‘s November 04 issue.

Now will someone please tell me what a Mummer is!?