hello all. it’s been a while since the last post. since then, we’ve made our way through 5 states. after leaving colorado, we drove north to laramie
Laramie, WY
then we headed west to the land of mormons–UTAH. that night, we had trouble finding a place to stay and ended up waking up in a small parking lot with stiff necks and grumpy faces. then we drove south from salt lake city to zion national park, but not before stopping at big rock candy mountain. after leaving zion (which is beautiful canyon country, just about the grand canyon), we stopped at an historic lodge to pose with our oregon-bound forefathers.
Zion, UT
then we headed southwest, through las vegas (not stopping, though (we’re christians)) and into the mojave desert. the pavement on the highway ended, and all manner of longhorned steer and jackrabbits kept darting in front of us. we spent the night in a place called Hole in the Wall and tented under some of the brightest stars we’ve seen so far.
Hole in the Wall, Mojave Desert
RT07 006.jpg
Esther freshening up
then we woke up early to make it to LA for our first interview. we talked to Blake Mycoskie (aka one take blake) about how he founded TOMS shoes–a company bent on donating one pair of shoes to argentinian children for every pair bought in america. see www.tomsshoes.com.
that first interview is over now, and we are in bakersfield california with our friend jared penrose, who is LOADED! but now it is the morning and we are headed north to interview an Amazonian Wycliffe translator (who may or may not be wearing a snakeskin bigger than himself). then we’ll sleep in Yosemite National Park. we’ll try to get back to the internet in san francisco.
until then,