Right now we’re in Yarmouth, Maine – right outside Portland. We’re playing music at our friend Mollie’s house tonight. We already went to the beach today and the water was great. We’ve had delicious home-cooked food (opposed to the random box of sugar and carbohydrates we’ve been digging through all week). I believe we are sleeping outside tonight. Hope the bugs don’t bite!

Last night the Messiah alums that we stayed with were incredibly hospitable. Personally, I might have unintentionally learned more about my future vocation from them than anything else on this trip. I didn’t even do an interview. That was Morgan.

Tomorrow is our 11-hour trek back home. We will play a gig at my family’s church in Hanover, PA in the evening. I hope the drive will give us time to talk and reflect and listen to good music :) We’ll see.

_ phil and the gang