but here’s an update!

Two days ago: Philly was great. We did anything that tourists might do: Love Park, run up the same steps of the art museum that Rocky ran in the movie, take a taxi to go eat Cheese steaks, etc. Oh, I should mention that we determined that both Pat’s and Geno’s provide delicious cheese steaks, but we like Pat’s more because we go to a college rooted in Anabaptism and those goofy people at Geno’s are very patriotic and love war. They also dislike ethnic diversity. If you don’t believe me, go there and see for yourself.

Sometime mid-afternoon we left Philly for Phoenixville. If you’ve never heard of it, go there. There aren’t many towns such as this one. On the same block (and same side of the street), you can find the sweetest cafe ever, an old movie theater, underground record label, a book store, a hipster store, a kilt shop, an Irish restaurant, and an eco-friendly store called “Earth Mart.” Ian interviewed the lady that owns Earth Mart. Lisa, the store owner, allowed us to play our music outside on the sidewalk for those passing by. I’d like to think that we lured some customers in, but that’s completely subjective.

There’s also a Latin American grocery store around the corner. Forgot to mention that. But seriously now, if you want a town that loves the arts, loves environmentalism, loves activism, this is your place. It’s nice and quaint and a beautiful collision of old school and new school town life.

After Phoenixville, we drove to my Aunt Charlotte’s house and played a few songs for her in her living room (which had fantastic acoustics). I know that I personally was asleep as soon as I went to bed. Long and successful day (whatever that means)!

Yesterday we left my Aunt Charlotte’s in the morning (she lives half an hour north of Philly). We were quickly off to the Big Apple (and by quickly I mean that it took us an hour or so to sit at Panera Bread and figure out the best way to get into the city).

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, it only took about fifteen minutes to find parking at Coney Island, home of the hotdog (also the inspiration for the song “Sleep” by the shoegaze band Godspeed, You Black Emperor – if anyone has heard that song, please know that people still sleep on the beach. Not all hope is lost).

We parked the van and caught a train into Manhattan where we browsed the many happenings of Time Sq. Actually, we even saw Elmo and Cookie Monster being checked by the cops. Typical.

Around 8 PM, we decided it’d be nice to start leaving town, so we caught the train back to our van and headed just south to Flemington, NJ to stay with Sonja and Jim, friends of my mom. I am now awake typing this, but Ian, like usual, is still in bed. Morgan and Emily are downstairs. I hear Emily tearing it up down there on the piano. Today we’re going to go back into the city and then start our trek into Connecticut, where we will be tomorrow.