When the weather is right – which happens quite often around hereĀ - we never hesitate to destress through the calm waters beside us. As we walk toward the yellow breeches with our rubber tubes half inflated, we know that hours of homework, club meetings, andĀ challenging exams will suddenly be forgotten. For this moment, life is about the stillness of nature. Call it “stress releasing” or “relaxing” if you will, but this activity provides the break we need to survive the rigorous work week. As we sit comfortably inside our tubes, with our feet dipped into the merky breeches, we know that it is all worth it. For now, though, we savor the moment of freedom. We know that emails and projects and late nights await us; we know that there is more to be done that floating from one side of campus to the other. But it just doesn’t matter. This is how we destress, and were running with it.