Hermit crabs are fascinating creatures. Think about this, a hermit crab changes bodily homes every other month. That’s like playing musical bedrooms with your life. That’s like moving your bedroom into one of your friend’s bed rooms every other week. If that was the case, could there ever truly be a feeling of beingĀ  “at home”?

Wikipedia defines “Home” as simply being, “the place in which one lives”. But no, home is more. The word home triggers a sense of belonging. It is by no means constricted to one place or one time..home can be the cozy living room of the family house or the little study nook on the 4th floor of a collegiate academic building. Home’s change, expand, disappear, and can be nothing more than a memory by itself.

College changes the place and understanding of home for many students. Studying abroad will stretch and provoke query in even more unique ways. Home may never be the same again once college starts and it may end up in a thousand other hermit shells before graduation. But that is no cause for alarm. It is in fact a stupendous challenge to us students and our hearts. In the end, we are bound to breath until our dying breath, and where we intrust our love for places and people will leave our trail of homes..always calling back to us but placid in our wake.