Is it a parasite that grabs hold of you and never lets go?  Is it an alien that has come to change all that we know?  Or, is it the three week term in January that students are allowed to participate in?  Actually, it is a little of both…just kidding:) It is a “semester” in January during which you take one or two classes for 15 days.  Sounds easy right? Well, it is.  For the entire month you take one class for three hours each day…simple.  Some of the classes are poetry, animal form and function, or guitar.

This J-term I am taking guitar.  I am learning about music history, guitar technique, and how to play.  I have never played a guitar before and it has been interesting to learn.  Since that is the only class that I am taking this month, I am able to find time to refine my guitar playing skills and have plenty of time to do my homework.  The class is only in the afternoon so I get to sleep in and then get to do fun things with my friends at night.

Oh, that’s right.  J-term is about more than just the class.  It is also a time when you can hang out and do fun things with your friends.  Since we have more time, we can do a lot together, such as go skiing, go to the local farm show, and have a dinner/movie night.  It is so fun and a good time to reconnect after Christmas break.

J-term, although not exactly an alien, is a month of differences and a time to focus and just have fun!