Well the season to register for next semester’s classes.  About this time, early November, we all begin to search for what classes we will need and we also spend a good deal of time trying to organize a schedule that we can live with.  Being a senior is nice on a couple counts.  First of all, we get to register first, so all the classes are available.  Second most of my requirements have been completed, in fact my schedule next semester has one J-term class and two classes for Spring Semester and my Honor’s research project.  In other words I am going to have a lot of free time (which will hopefully be spent working).

One of the best pieces I can offer as a graduating senior to incoming freshmen is take the time to seriously plan for the classes you will take.  It really helped for me to buckle down and take 18 credits for several semesters, because now that I am on my way out I have free time to look at grad schools and living arrangements for next year.  Take the time to talk with your adviser and work out a schedule for all four years if you can and try to make things easier your senior year.  I promise you won’t regret it!