Lottie Nelson Dinning Hall has a number of options for all taste bud preferences. While there are favorites such as Buffalo Chicken Salad, Burgers and Fries, the Soft Serve Ice Cream, or the Morning Omelet Bar. One of my personal favorites is the Mongolian Grill. This grill allows for students to place a variety of vegetables, meats, and spices into a bowl after which the Lottie staff will cook the ingredients stir-fry style. Along the other side of the grilling station there is typically rice, noodles, or other sides to put along with the stir-fry if students desire them. This is a great option for a tasty and filling meal in Lottie.

Words of Wisdom: Make the meal your own, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little with this. Personal favorite combo for the grill includes: broccoli, mini corn, water chestnuts, and pork, over either noodles or rice.