Spring is a wonderful time of year no matter where you are, but especially at Messiah!   The air gets warmer, the birds begin chirping, flowers are blooming and the trees are tinged with green buds.  Everyone shakes off their winter blues and the campus is overrun with students playing frisbee or wiffle ball, studying outside, or just lounging around and basking in the sun.  But to me, spring is more than just this.  As nature reawakens, God’s glory is shown throughout all of creation.  It’s nothing less than breathtaking to see the care and design God put into creating the amazing world we live in.   There are few opportunities better than now to slow down and take a break from a busy week to spend some time with God.  The beauty of nature shows both God’s amazing power but also his love and care.  It’s easy enough to enjoy creation during springtime, but what we really need to do is turn our gaze to the Creator.