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Well…here we are at Day 4 in Denver, Colorado and we are loving it! We have much to be thankful for! We drove 18 hours and drove from Chicago at 6 am to Iowa, Nebraska (which Alecia loved) and made it to Colorado at 12:30 am. We hit a bad storm….tornado like symptoms but we pulled under a bridge and talked to a local about the storms Colorado gets and we waited until it was safer to pursue on our journey. The Lord watches over us!  We were warmly welcomed to Jaron Ness’s apartment at midnight with a light on and an air matress on the floor. We didn’t get to meet him face to face until tonight. Jaron and his roomate Mitch are great hosts and cooked an amazing dinner for us. We shared a lot of college memories because they are ‘06 grads.

Today we headed towards Colorado Springs to be a tourist of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. We  decided to take a Cog Train up Pikes Peak which was about a three hour experience…riding up and spending time on the summit and riding back down. We experienced the altitude of over 14,000 feet…and show snow….at the top of the summit it was about 28 degrees. Yeah…we were cold, but we were able to provide enjoyment to the rest of the train leading everyone in songs and crazy faces :)

Then we drove a few miles down the road to the Garden of the Gods, which was beautiful. We enjoyed the combination of mountains, red rocks, and snow on top of the summit. We drove around the park, and enjoyed the sun starting to set.

Right before we pulled into the guy’s apartment our wonderful Brett hit a cat as it dove into our tires. We pulled over as we were all in shock of the incident that previously occurred. A bystander/ biker rescued the cat and took him under his arm…but we show much movement from the poor little kitty cat. We got back to the guy’s apartment and enjoyed the dinner and just relaxing. The cat episode helped us to have a story to share to our new found friends. At the end of dinner we were talking about Pikes Peak..and Brett starting thanking the guys profusely for dinner, but the guys thought he was thanking them for Pike Peak….it was great :)

We have enjoyed getting to know each other better, and it is crazy to think that none of us knew everyone really well before going on this trip, which has been beneficial to us because it has provided new outlook and perspective. I can say for myself that I have been inspired and have a new passion for life. This has not quenched my thirst for travel but has only enhanced it. We have laughed a lot and have learned a lot from one another already!

Alecia for the rest of the gang

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  1. Sarah


    I’m glad you’ve had safe travels thus far and survived the storm. I’m sorry to hear about the cat incident, although, you’re right, it probably made for good conversation :) . Keep enjoying each other’s company and what each individual has to offer the group.

    Praying for you and your gang! Have lots of fun and take lots of pictures :) !

    Sarah G.

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