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Internship advice from a pro

July 7th, 2014

Mike True, director of the Internship Center, is a frequently sought-after source for all things internship related.

Read “How you should hire help this summer” from Fundera.

Read “People who went from interns to top execs” from Bankrate.

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Students represent garden at local farmers market

June 18th, 2014

Students Alex Correia and Ian Morrison are selling produce from the on-campus Grantham Community Garden this summer at a new locale–the New Cumberland Farmers Market. Their hopes for the anew market are shared in this June 18 Patriot-News article.

Read “Messiah College students join forces with New Cumberland Farmers Market.”

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The new Top 40 of contemporary music

June 17th, 2014

With the death of famous disc jockey Casey Kasem, the Christian Science Monitor is considering how songs are ranked today in an age of downloads and online listening options. Ed Arke, professor of communications, weighs in on the topic June 16.

Read “Post-Casey Kasem, what is ‘Top 40′ music exactly.”

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Bob Dylan song appropriate anthem for graduates

May 20th, 2014

Jim LaGrand, professor of American history, challenges that Bob Dylan’s song “Forever Young” is a more appropriate benediction for graduating seniors than the typical commencement cliches they hear. “Dylan calls listeners to do the tough, but un-dramatic work of following truth and righteousness in a world that often doesn’t recognize them,” writes LaGrand for the May 19 Federalist and May 30 “He reminds us of the satisfaction that comes from living good and honorable lives, and from encouraging future generations to do the same.”

Read “Bob Dylan’s Benediction for Today’s Graduates” at The Federalist.

Read “Bob Dylan at graduation” at

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Student undertakes movie-making and puts classroom skills to test

May 2nd, 2014

Student Mitch McClure ’14 and alumnus Rolando Vega ’13 filmed “Downward,” a short, post-apocalyptic film that will premier at the Carlisle Theatre May 3. The Carlisle Sentinel previewed the film and interviewed the McClure and Vega for a May 1 article.

Read “Messiah students to premiere new post-apocalyptic short film at Carlisle Theatre.”

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Training nurses of tomorrow important to Messiah educator

April 29th, 2014

Wanda Thuma-McDermond, associate professor of nursing at Messiah, is motivated to use her own background and areas of specialty to train the nurses of tomorrow, she says in an April 27 Harrisburg Patriot-News story.

Read “Outside hospital corridors, nurses making an impact in non-traditional roles.”

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“Elijah” performance reviewed

April 14th, 2014

On April 11, the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra did their first Masterworks concert off-site at Messiah College’s new Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts to rave reviews from David Dunkle, entertainment reporter for the Carlisle Sentinel. The HSO was performing with Messiah College choral ensembles, including Concert Choir, Choral Arts Society and the ensemble-in-residence Susquehanna Chorale.

Read “HSO visits Messiah College’s High Center.”

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Risks and benefits of faith in business

April 14th, 2014

Mike Zigarelli, professor of leadership and strategy, is quoted in an April 11 Central Penn Business Journal article about the risks and benefits for companies that identify with a particular faith or denomination.

Read “Faith in your business.”

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Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra performs on campus

April 3rd, 2014

The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra will travel to Messiah’s Calvin and Janet High Center for Worship and Performing Arts April 11 for a rare West Shore performance. Joined by the College’s Choral Arts Society, Concert Choir and ensemble-in-residence Susquehanna Chorale, HSO will perform “Elijah.”

Read “Orchestra takes a rare road trip.”

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Toddler separation anxiety

March 14th, 2014

Erin Boyd-Soisson, associate professor of human development, unlocks some of the mystery about separation anxiety in a March 2014 article.

Read “Dealing with separation anxiety.”

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